Meet Norton the Squirrel

Made by Connie Kulow

Norton was made out of plastic grocery bags, masking tape, fishing line for his whiskers, paper mache clay and a piece of fur for the tail. I wanted to make a squirrel just to “aggravate Leroy and Jethro, the paper mache coon dogs”. I decided to put him in the tree near the dogs. Norton was named by my sister during a confusing, but comical series of text messaging between sisters and brother, and photos. One was talking about Norton Security and I was talking about the squirrel. She loved Norton the squirrel, and as the message indicated, so he is named.

Squirrel made with paper mache clay

2 thoughts on “Meet Norton the Squirrel”

  1. Thanks Rex. The tree was the perfect place to put Nolan. Just out of reach and just far enough away to aggravate the dogs.


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