Meet My Family

Made by Connie Kulow

Family Portrait! My Deer Ana, Luke the Fox, Maddie My Horse, and of course My Dog Leroy. My next project will be much smaller where I can sit down on a chair rather than standing, bending, stooping and crawling around on the floor! I hope to focus on making the paper mache smoother and how to blend my paint colors better. I really enjoy seeing all the special projects on Daily Sculptors, and I’m so amazed at everyone’s talent. Jonnie, you are such an inspiration!

9 thoughts on “Meet My Family”

  1. What a wonderful and handsome family you have! Every single piece is so well done, with all the family having their own personalities. Awesome work!! Congrats!

  2. What a delight. Thanks much. Wonderful to see. They all love each other, at least the dogs and fox are behaving themselves.

    • Thanks Rex! They all managed to behave for the picture, but I must say that you can tell by Leroy’s expression (my dog) he was not amused.

      • That’s because he is the king and knows everything. I repeat myself, but his expression is warming. He’s not going to win a race with the fox, but he doesn’t know that yet! Thanks!

  3. I love your family portrait. Even though you told us the size of your sculptures, it didn’t really register with me until I saw this. It is amazing, especially how fast you’ve made so many!


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