Meet Miss Unicorn

Made by Connie Kulow

Miss Unicorn was made for my sister-in-law to give to her granddaughter for her birthday. Miss Unicorn stands about 28 inches tall and was made from plastic grocery bags, masking tape, paper mache clay, cardboard from paper towels for the legs, purple glue glitter sprinkled on the black hooves and the horn, eyelashes, magical curly synthetic hair for the mane and tail, and of course purple flowers. The purple will compliment a brand new purple comforter for her bedroom.

Unicorn tail

9 thoughts on “Meet Miss Unicorn”

  1. What a wonderful gift! You did a great job! Love that curly mane and tail. Miss Unicorn’s position sure looks like she wants to be pet. Little girl couldn’t ask for more. Great job!

  2. Wonderful gift for a girl. She will love it. Reminds me when I tried to make one a long time ago when I was in California. The vet’s 13-year-old wanted a unicorn. Not nearly as pretty as this. She wanted it pink and gold (the vet was dying) and as an afterthought she wanted flowers in its mane. Brought back fond memories, and what a keepsake it will be. Awesome.

    • Gifts from the heart are indeed keepsakes. I’m sure that the vet’s daughter will always treasure the unicorn. I know that my sister-in-law will be very surprised as she was thinking a small unicorn standing on a dresser, but I can’t do small. I do like the mane and flowers. The horn was fun to make to try to get that spiral look going. The hardest part was not getting stabbed by it while working! Thank you Rex! Always enjoy your sculptures!

    • Thank you Lisa Anne! While I don’t like glitter, it turned out that using glue glitter on the horn and hooves made it more “magical”. With the coat of varnish, the glitter was completely sealed. She was really fun to make.

    • Thanks Eileen!! My sister-in-law was showing her granddaughter my previous projects and asked if she thought I might make her a unicorn. She said she didn’t know, but would ask. Somebody is going to be so surprised for their birthday!! It’s going to be perfect for her bedroom because the flowers are color coordinated with her new bed comforter. Thanks again!!


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