Meet Lodi, the American/Canadian White Shepherd dog

Made by Lummie Bergsma

Once I had a dog called Lodi, she was my girl! Loved her to pieces. I never dared and try to make her in Clay, but couldn’t resist at the end.
I had photos of the real Lodi and went for it. It isn’t 100% her, but I do love the way she reminds me of my Lodi. (The name popped up in a song of CCR when I saw her for the first time).

Dog sculpture Made by Lummie Bergsma

15 thoughts on “Meet Lodi, the American/Canadian White Shepherd dog”

  1. It is always special when you are making something that means so much to your heart. This is a wonderful sculpture and tribute…. very nice job Lummie!!

  2. I agree with Sir Shelbot and Pauline. Lodi has character that one can see. What a beautiful animal. You are a wonderful artist.

    • Dear Rex,

      You’re too kind, and as always a gentleman, and I thank you.
      As you probably know, at first I wouldn’t want to call her Lodi, because of the emotional thing, but she was my model, so why not call her Lodi eh?

      Take care,

  3. Lummie, I love Lodi. I’m sorry for your loss, but very glad that you sculpted her. You make wonderful art.


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