Meet Leroy’s Buddy Jethro

Made by Connie Kulow

Jethro is Leroy’s buddy. He was created with plastic grocery bags, masking tape and paper mache clay. He is positioned so that his left hind leg is underneath his body with the paw showing on the right side. I wanted him to be innocently upward. With Rachel Rabbit and Norton the Squirrel showing up, Leroy needed a buddy.

Hound Dog made with Paper mache clay

5 thoughts on “Meet Leroy’s Buddy Jethro”

  1. I’m beyond happy Leroy has such a good looking and funny buddy. I love your work. Your style is so much fun.

    Make sure they are nice to that bunny! Thank you.

    • I know, right?!? Everyone needs a buddy, and I think Jethro is just perfect for Leroy. I seriously am having so much fun creating new paper mache animals and can’t wait to see who joins the family next. Thank you for your nice comments too!

  2. My you have been a busy beaver! (Next sculpture) All of them are fun and clever but those 2 dogs are just great! You have captured fun expressions and the quirky stances that dogs assume! Nice job and fun names.

    • Thanks Eileen. My grandparents had coon dogs and they had such great expressions, whether happy, curious, or suspicious. I had fun adding them to the family.


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