Meet Amos my roping horse

Made by Connie Kulow

Amos was made from recycled plastic grocery bags, masking tape, paper mache clay, dowels for the legs, neck and back, and varnish. I created his form using the grocery bags and masking tape. I decided to put him under saddle and wanted it to look worn, and to make a western style bridle and reins. I ordered synthetic ponytails from Amazon for the tail and mane. He stands 64 inches tall at the height of the saddle. He is stabled in my equestrian guest room.

Large paper mache horse made by Connie Kulow

6 thoughts on “Meet Amos my roping horse”

  1. Wow! What a huge project to undertake. It turned out amazing. You have captured the stance of the horse perfectly and the saddle does look worn. Great job and congrats!

  2. Thank you Connie. He is really adorable. I would of thought it took two people to move him to another room. ?

    • Thanks! I’m guessing that Amos probably weighs around 40 pounds or so. It took two of us to move him through the house into the “equestrian guest room”. I can shift him by holding onto the saddle horn and his neck, or his rump and the saddle horn, but otherwise, he is not easy to move.

  3. That’s quite a project you’ve got there….. and you did an excellent job . The scale is fabulous. That must have taken a lot of hours with a lot of planning .
    Very nice . Kudos to you !

    • Amos took two months to make and yes indeed he was quite a project to work on. The biggest decision I struggled with was whether I should complete the horse and then make a saddle, or just make the horse and saddle together as one. I ended up making them together which was easier to form and put on the paper mache, but was a little more challenging to paint. Thanks for your comment 🙂


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