Medusa , the Cobra

Made by Jon Keller

Medusa is a small snake . I found the biggest challenge in making Medusa was the paint job . Snakes have a lot going on with regards to textures and design . I realized that to make it realistic would have been a crazy amount of work , so I decided to go with detailed whimsy .
For the structure I used a wire frame ( hanger wire ) wrapped with aluminum foil . Then the paper mache was applied. I used brown paper bag paper mache , which has a consistency similar to very thick paste . I did the lower section first ….and when it was dry ( forming a base ) I completed the upper portion . When the painting was finished the entire project was given a few coats of polyurethane .

Paper mache cobra

Paper mache cobra close up of head


2 thoughts on “Medusa , the Cobra”

  1. It’s a very lovely and beautiful snake. Love the coloring and the pose. I hope not to meet it! (Next month is when we have to start watching for snakes when walking the dogs!)



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