Meditating Frog

Made by Chris

I recently updated our master bedroom and wanted to bring in teal as an accent color…so why not a teal frog! I seem to always struggle when it comes to painting my pieces, so when all else fails add DOTS!

Armature for frog sculpture

Adding paper mache clay to frog sculpture

6 thoughts on “Meditating Frog”

  1. What a great frog!! You achieved such smoothness and I love the way you painted him/her. One eye closed and one open is really whimsical and adds some humor. Great Job!!!

  2. That got a laugh out of me. Reminds me of when I did yoga forever ago. That is the monkey mind right there, in the blink of an eye. Thanks.

  3. Love it! I especially love the one eye peeking open to acknowledge the distraction from the meditation! Very clever sculpture and should look great in your room!


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