Made by Jon Keller

I made this mask using brown paper bag paper mache .
When the paper mache was dry I applied two coats of white gesso. After the gesso dried I gave it a slight sanding . The next step was to mix an off-white color ( acrylic paint ) and paint the entire mask .
When the white was dry I painted in the gold areas with gold acrylic paint .
The diamonds were done using black leather . I cut about 30 black diamonds and glued them on , one at a time . The white diamonds were created “automatically” by the negative space in between the black diamonds.
After everything was dry I applied gold dimensional paint to create the raised design areas .
The entire piece was varnished with polyurethane .

Masquerade mask by Jon Keller
Mask in progress.

3 thoughts on “Masquerade”

    • Thank you Pat .
      I was going to paint the diamonds , but after much thought I decided to do them with leather …. besides looking good it made it much easier to get a nice ,
      sharp diamond .


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