Marionette #2 Steampunk Princess

Made by Joanne Bookmyer

Here’s my second attempt at a marionette. I made the head months ago but it took me awhile to decide that she’d be a steampunk princess. Actually, when I started making the body I had a biker babe in mind. This is just what I ended up with. My neighbor says that she is a bit creepy – what do you all think? Used Jonni’s head pattern printed at 50%. The hair is a re-purposed Halloween wig.




6 thoughts on “Marionette #2 Steampunk Princess”

  1. People are often calling human-like figures creepy if they do not adhere to doll-like beauty. I think her face actually is quite beautiful Does it work as a marionette? Are the arms heavy enough?

    • Thank you! She does work although I’m not a very good puppeteer. I think the next one I do I’ll use two part (hinged) arms so it can move a little more gracefully.


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