Manta Ray with cleaner fish

Made by Elizabeth Keller

I used architectural sand over the whole surface of this sculpture to create a deep matte, velvet black finish. This clay dries very hard and smooth and I needed texturing to recreate the effect of sharkskin. The little feeder fish are solid clay attached to the ray using 1/16 inch plexiglass rods. The base is made of cast plaster of Paris with dowels to perch the ray at an angle so it looks like it’s swimming.

[You can see Elizabeth’s shark sculpture here.]

Bottom of Manta Ray sculpture with cleaner fish

Cleaner fish on Manta Ray Sculpture by Elizabeth Keller


2 thoughts on “Manta Ray with cleaner fish”

  1. Your talent really shines on this. I also really love the little feeder fish. I have done 7 fish, nothing like your Manta but fish offer so many interesting colors and shapes. Great work!

  2. In your first picture I was looking at the sculpture left to right and then wow! It’s coming right at me. What a cool manta ray. I really like the texture of the skin and how you added the fish. Very nice job!


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