Man In The Moon

Made by Alan Monteith

This is the last of my paper mache clay. I know I should take more time to smooth my clay and double coat my paint. I just want to hurry and see him come to life. I bake it a lot to get the layers to dry. I met a astronaut, Jim Erwin, maybe if he was alive he could tell me if I caught the essence of The Man In The Moon?????

Paper mache man in the moon

Paper mache man in the moon

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  1. Rex:

    Jonni thought you might like my note. I did see your post on smoothing and I have done it that way myself. I just rush things. For my last coat I just use the joint compound because it sands easily but I think Jonni uses water and to smooth the joint compound.

    On 1/24/2021 4:36 PM, Alan Monteith wrote:
    I met Jim Erwin when I was stationed at Kadena Air Force Base, Okinawa Japan in 1985. I was 24 then. He had a ministry at that time. He done his presentation at a American missionary church off the base and he did it again on the base. He talked about his adventures on the moon. I think he drove the first space buggy. He had another adventure and that was to find Noah’s Ark. It was a expensive and some times dangerous quest. I think it was in the mountains of Turkey. I did not talk to him personally but he was a humble man of God.

    Thanks for posting my Man IN The Moon. Thanks for the post from Rex. I think where I go wrong is that I cover the whole item. I should cover half and then bake it and then cover the other half. Then like you said, just used the joint compound for the last coat to help smooth it. I do what Rex said by dipping my finger in water. More than anything, I should take more time. More time to smooth, more time to second coat my paint.

    I think you are so wonderful for posting other people’s work. You are so kind to encourage others, including me, to try this kind of art. It is great that you are always looking for a better way of doing things and that you are willing to learn from others. It is so neat that your followers can post a question and then you and others will try to help.

    I started another quilt last night. I watch a lot of Donna Jordan’s YouTube videos on quilting. She does a nice job. Like you, she makes it look so easy. Here is one of her videos.


    Thanks again!!!!!!
    On Sunday, January 24, 2021, 01:28:43 PM CST, Jonni Good wrote:

  2. Erwin maybe didn’t see this expression, but it pretty well fits what’s happening to him. Great expression.


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