Mama and her baby possums

Made by Joanne Bookmyer

This one is paper mache clay over a frame of cardboard and alum. foil. The eyes of the babies are ball bearings painted black. Tried something different for the base. It’s Plaster of Paris poured into a form made from a plastic flour pot with a little joint compound added to give it color and a handful of sand sprinkled on top to give it texture. I pressed the feet down into it while wet and then used Elmer’s glue once dry to adhere the possum to the base. You really have to work FAST – it set up in just a few minutes.

Possum family sculpture Made by Joanne Bookmyer

4 thoughts on “Mama and her baby possums”

  1. What an awesome sculpture! Interestingly, I just saw a possum carrying her babies on her back one evening. In the dusk, I kept thinking what is THAT, but then I realized she was packing babies. I love how you put her together and thought ahead how to secure her to the base. Nice job!!


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