Make a Seahorse for the Garden, with Pal Tiya

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Make a waterproof seahorse sculpture with Pal Tiya

Yvonne, a member of the Pal Tiya team, wrote this guest post showing us how to create an adorable (and waterproof) seahorse sculpture. It’s an easy project, and the video shows us exactly how it was made.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot from Pal Tiya videos. As Yvonne mentions below, the armature techniques they use can also be used with paper mache. (But their product is waterproof, and paper mache, sadly, is not.) In this article I learned how to create a sculpture that’s the same on both sides. Thanks, Yvonne!

Making a Seahorse for the Garden With Pal Tiya Premium

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Pal Tiya Premium is a sculpting medium powder you mix with water into a clay, which looks and feels like a fine fabric. It cures in a plastic bag in 5 days and can then stay permanently outdoors in absolutely ANY weather.

This was a fun project!

You can use the same techniques we describe in the video and complete the project using paper mache – or if you want to put it outside then you can use your core and sculpt Pal Tiya Premium on top.

The steps:

We used a sharpie, a ziplock bag, tinfoil and galvanized wire to make the armature of the seahorse one half at a time.

We then applied the Pal Tiya Premium in a 3/8 inch (4mm) thick layer over one of the cores, taking care to stay within the lines so both sides match up.

Using a few fancy moves (shown in the video above) we sculpted the details for the seahorse repeating on each side.

We then removed the foil core once the Pal Tiya Premium had cured overnight and secured the wire inside using more product.

Once sealed the sculpture can either cure in plastic bags wrapped in wet towels or be fully submerged in a bucket of water, and in 5 days time you can paint it and pop it in your garden.

We hope you enjoy watching this project and the many more we have.

The Pal Tiya Crew

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7 thoughts on “Make a Seahorse for the Garden, with Pal Tiya”

  1. I am absolutely in LOVE with this seahorse! I love seahorses anyway but this is incredible. I wish there was an easier and faster way to make small seahorses to use as Christmas tree ornaments.

  2. This is an interesting procedure. Very well done with beautiful results. Thank you very much I look forward to trying this

  3. What a unique and clever way to get both sides the same! It is also an interesting way to put the wire in. What sort of metal tube did you place the original wire into? It gives me an idea to do a bunch of Pal Tiya fish to put into a fern garden! Thanks Yvonne and the Pal Tiya crew!

    • Hi Eileen,

      Thanks for the lovely comment.
      It was an 8 mm, 1/4 inch aluminium tube from the hardware store.
      It does fire up the imagination indeed. We were very excited to share this one :)


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