Little doggy

Made by Tonya McNeill

I am a balloon artist and decided to try Jonni’s paper mache clay recipe on them to make them last. This is the 3rd ‘balloon dog’ I have made. I just love combining these two mediums to create long lasting cuteness.

3 thoughts on “Little doggy”

  1. Hi Tonya – thanks for showing us your paper mache critters. They have a playful quality that I really like. I confess that I avoid using balloons for any kind of paper mache, because it never works very well for me – but you obviously know the secret for making it work. Would you have any interest in taking progress photos next time you make one, so you can write a guest tutorial for us? If that sounds like fun, let me know. 🙂

    • Thanks Jonni, yes, next time I will have to try to do progress photos so you can see how they start out. That sounds like fun. I have a couple other projects that I need to finish up and then maybe I can do another one. Thanks for asking me 🙂


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