Lions head with juke mane

Made by Nancy N

My lions head is a little bit different. I’m a sewer so I thought I could just follow jonni pattern pieces add a 1/4 in. Seam allowance and everything would work out. Wrong, there were many obstacles I had to overcome, suffice it to say next time I’ll stick to paper mache.

The cheeks and the eyebrows had to be increased so I stuffed them, the pieces between the eyes was to big , but then I just glued it on top so I didn’t need the seam allowance and had to remove it. I knew I’d be hanging it high so I had to draw a pattern piece for under neath his jaw, and then cover it with fabric and attach it, this I did after the rest of his face was done. Best to think things thru first.

Anyway I used a wreath frame for the mane and juke starting with 12 in. Pieces and shorting them by 2 in. Per round. I took each piece folded it in half wrapped it around wire and slipped it through. Then I finished my head, placed it in the centre of the wreath and marked out where it would sit then filled in with more juke all the empty spaces.

I added a bottom jaw so you couldn’t look up into the head from below. I also shredded the juke to use on his jaw line and top of head it gave the lion a softer appearance and blended in with the rest of his mane. I used the plastic canvas to fill in the centre of the wreath and when filling in those spaces I had to break down the juke into the 4 to 5 basic strands they twist so I could fill in the canvas holes. Over all it measures 24 in across a d sits out 8 inches approx. From the wall.

Then i painted my fabric on his face I also used leather for his nose.

Lion Head with Jute Mane from the Side

Adding a mane to the fabric lion head.

3 thoughts on “Lions head with juke mane”

  1. Clever idea and as a sewing person myself, a quite ambitious project. It’s a lot like making dolls or stuffed animals which I find tough. It turned out really nice though, a piece to be proud of. Paper mache would be easier to dust though! Thanks for sharing your novel project.

    • Thanks Eilleen, it was a labour of love. The mane really didnt take to long, a couple of nights in front of the tv. The worst part of juke are the dust particles that fall off alot like working with glitter.


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