Lion Remake for Donkey!

Made by Tana

At my church we have a donkey that has become our VBS mascot. Every year we remake him to represent the current year’s VBS character. This year he became the “Roar” lion. I used Jonni’s excellent pattern and although it was my first attempt at paper mache (other than dabbling) I thought the results were wonderful. Jonni’s pattern was clear, precise, and written in a way that was not intimidating.

My son in law wants to hang the mask in his home now that VBS is finished. I think that is high praise!

Paper Mache Lion Face

4 thoughts on “Lion Remake for Donkey!”

    • This year’s theme is Rocky Railroad. The donkey may end up being the conductor. It will be interesting to see how he looks with a human face underneath a conductor’s cap. In the past he’s been a moose, weird animal, and a kangaroo. Gotta have a little fun!


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