Lion Mask by Cherie

Made by Cherie

Discovered Jonni’s amazing artwork and wanted to have a try. This is my first attempt and hoping to try more!! Experimented with putting some eyes in too, made by cutting a small polystyrene ball in half, painting before gluing in.

Lion Mask

Lion Mask with Paper Mane

The lion mask wall sculpture is made with Jonni’s lion pattern, cardboard, and paper mache.

6 thoughts on “Lion Mask by Cherie”

    • Yes I used raffia strips on the mane in a few different colours, attached to the original piece of the pattern. I would’ve liked to have gone a bit more crazy with it but didn’t have much raffia!! I did originally have the chin piece on but took it off as it prevented being able to see when worn. Hasten to add, it had shrunk so much during sculpting that it was difficult to get on anyway,? so now lives on top of my ukehele! Currently making another which hopefully will be an improvement now I’m a little more familiar with what im doing. It was a fun project and im becoming hooked on paper mache. It’s been very inspiring seeing everyone’s projects here and I’m really glad to have discovered you!


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