Lion King School Musical

Made by Nurse Montgomery

The trio was a lot of fun to make all the way down to dying the manes. The littles loved them and they looked really nice beneath the stage lights. 🙂

** You wouldn’t happen to have any suggestions for a nutcracker headdress, would you? I am using the lioness pattern the make the mouse king/queen **

Lion King Trio Made by Nurse Montgomery
Mufasa Death Scene

1 thought on “Lion King School Musical”

  1. Great lion masks! As for the Nutcracker headdress mask, I think I’d just find a fairly large cardboard box and cut out a piece large enough to go all the way around an actor’s head, and tall enough so there’s room for both the hat and the face. Maybe cut it in half so the hat could be a little wider at the top. Then add paper mache to make it strong, add a cap from one of you lion king patterns so it can be worn, and then have fun adding the mustache and eyes. I sure hope you’ll let us see your Nutcracker headdress when it’s done – I know it will turn out great.

    And it looks like I should have made a mouse king mask pattern – maybe I can get one done for next year. 🙂


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