The Lion King Masks We Made for a High School Musical

Made by Misti Fusilier and her husband.

My husband and I are making 16 Lion King Mask for My daughter’s High School Musical, Lion King, Jr. coming up in March. Next step is paper mache! I’m so nervous about this next step, but anxious to see how they come out and praying we can get them done in time! Thank you Jonni for the mask patterns, they are amazing and will definitely make this musical at our school be a stellar one!

Lion King masks, the pattern

4 thoughts on “The Lion King Masks We Made for a High School Musical”

  1. They look awesome so far. I can see them in a production.

    I can’t help think what a lot of clay that will be. I’m tired now and am going to bed! (Actually, walking the dog!)

  2. 16 masks! You and your husband should get a medal for volunteering to make so many. They look great so far – don’t forget to come back and show us how they look when they’re done. I can’t wait to see how they come out. 🙂


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