Lion King Jr.

Made by Leila

The Lion King patterns on your site were a lifesaver! As of a week and a half before the show we had nothing for the main characters to wear onstage- and about 47 cereal boxes and 15 Trader Joe’s paper bags later, we had a whole pride! I made young Simba, grown Simba, young Nala, grown Nala, Scar, Sarabi, Serafina, and Mufasa. I wove LED lights into Mufasa’s mane for the “They Live in You” scene up in the stars.

The patterns were simple to follow, and such fun to paint and be creative with. Thank you thank you. Hakuna Matata!

Lion King Mask

Lion King Masks


3 thoughts on “Lion King Jr.”

  1. Leila, your lion masks are beautiful – the actors must have been so proud to wear them in the play. and I must say that the lights in Mufasa’s mane was a brilliant idea. Thanks for showing them to us!


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