Lion head rug

Made by Edwin Mojica jr

Hi Jonny well I wanted to try something different so I decided to try to attempt to make a lion head rug for my living room I used cardboard aluminum foil and hot glue to form the shape then using masking tape all over I wanted it to be strong so I did two layers of brown paper and wood glue let it dry covered it with aluminum foil then did a layer of paper mache clay your recipe of course. Did one layer then let it dry the eyes I bought online I came up with an idea so I went on line I bought a large cow hide thin and some leather glue what Iam going to do is cut pieces use the leather glue it’s ok if u see the seams because once it’s all covered Iam going to use a hand held flocker and sprinkle faux hair to cover the seams then let that dry a day or two the I will buy two large cow hides thin there really cheap I will put them together cut out the shape of the lion then make claws. And tail add padding underneath then I will take a airbrush and spray it all one color then spray on all the details. To give it the look and I bought a used Coat that has long hair I will use for the main also I notice that I’f I put lights in the head the eyes glow like a amber color so I might do that just for fun with a remote still in the beginning stages so anything is possible at this point this is going to be my first one so really hoping it comes out fingers crossed’

Paper mache lion head for rug

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