Lil bear is peaking in.

Made by Robin Dewelles

Little bear cub looking in kitchen window. I started with cardboard, aluminum foil and newspaper for armature. Used a layer of newspapers strips, then layer of shop towel strips and liquid starch and flour. Then Johnnie’s airdry clay. I used a palette knife to make the fur. Hard to get the paint into all the fur so I have some white spots.

Paper mache bear

3 thoughts on “Lil bear is peaking in.”

  1. Thanks for the laughter and the great bear. Who wouldn’t love that looking in every time you look out. Great bear. And the white spots (wherever they are) don’t detract at all). Great.

  2. I love that you included a picture from inside the house!

    His little head with tongue sticking out…he looks like he is really drooling over whatever is out of his reach on your dinner table. Cute!


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