LifeSize pony

Made by Chloe Bain

I was wanting to buy a rocking horse but I didn’t have a lot of money to spend, then I got inspired to make my own horse! It was surprisingly easy, I normally draw horses so it was easy for me to draw the body. It’s nearly ready to be painted then I’ll add doll hair for the mane and tail.

Life-Sized Pony Sculpture

Life-Sized Pony Sculpture

9 thoughts on “LifeSize pony”

  1. It looks very nice! Can’t wait to see it finished! As it happens, this post is very helpful to me. I have started working on a vintage/antique carousel horse. The only thing that got me worried is, that it might not stand on its own. (I’m planning for a Dentzel-ish prancer horse, including the pole that goes through his body….hope it works out. We’ll see in a couple of weeks). I was wondering, is your horse going to stay on that stander that he’s on now?

    • Hello! Omg thank you, I wish I could send you a photo because this horse is going to be a carousel horse too and I have just put him on the final stand..what I did was work out where his centre of gravity is, then put a pole through him there…and the stand is an old cafe umbrella stand (extremely heavy), I did that yesterday and he doesn’t move at all!

      • That sounds really good! And I follow Jonni on this one, show some pictures in a new daily sculpture post 🙂
        I also found a iron umbrella stand online (and second hand, because new ones in iron cost too much). It’s about 60cm wide (about 23 inch), so hopefully that that’ll work.
        Anyways, can’t wait to see the final result!

  2. Very nice! What is holding him up? You did a great job on the proportions and I can’t wait to see him finished!


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