Let’s Flamingle! 5 foot flamingo head

Made by Dixie Bailey

Hi Jonni, A few months ago, I sent a few questions regarding a project I was working on. You were very informative. Thank you. Well. the project is complete and made she debut this past weekend. It is the head of a pink flamingo with an extended neck coming from the ceiling. She was a big hit. We hosted a “Let’s Flamingle” Mother/Daughter Banquet and she was the guest.

I started with a cardboard box, crumpled up newspaper , paper mache and masking tape. It’s amazing what you can create with a few simple items. I watched your techniques with paste and molding features. I learned a lot. I also made flamingo legs made from empty cardboard rolls, crumpled paper towels to make the banded texture, thin layer of drywall compound and then paint. I added paper mache “knee caps”.

The "Let's Flamingle" Flaminco from a distance, showing size
The Flamingo from a distance, showing size
"Flamingo" in process.
Giant Flamingo head, in process.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Flamingle! 5 foot flamingo head”

  1. She looks great ! Have you seen the Flamingo art we have in the Tampa airport here in Florida ? It is a similar idea and a wonderful piece of public art . Jonni is inspiring – what a great work you made as you say from a few simple materials . Love it!

    • The Tampa airport flamingo was our inspiration! A friend shared a pic of it with me. I’m so glad it reminded you enough of it to make the connection. Haha.

  2. Wow – that is impressive! I would love to have seen the expression on your guest’s faces when they saw it. Amazing – thanks, Dixie, for showing it to us. 🙂


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