Legend of Zelda: Wolf Link Mask

Made by K.Leigh Walker

In the video game ‘Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess’ the main character turns into a wolf, so I made a mask of it ^__^

Made using Jonni’s Wolf Mask Pattern. I added extra cereal box board to change the shape of the mask to match the game wolf. Then I used Jonni’s cooked flour and water paste recipe to cover the mask. Added a few layers of paper, then a layer of drywall joint compound. Sanded it smooth and primed it with home made gesso using black paint to give a grey base coat at the same time.

The blue earrings are oven bake polymer clay, glued on after baking. I sewed the mask onto a black toque for easy wearing as its quite heavy with the layers of compound and such. I expect the girl I made it for will just hang it on the wall as a display, so the black toque can easily fold into the mask.

Also the stand its on is Jonni’s Skull-Shaped Face-Sculpting Form.

Thanks for all your amazing patterns Jonni!

Link Wolf Mask in progress

Link Wolf Mask with grey base coat

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