My Book including my cement outdoor clay recipe is published !

Made by Lee Bell

My new book is now on Amazon! It features my cement-based Crete Chae Clay recipe, and my many years of using it. See below for some color images from the book and one of my large outdoor sculptures. You can make this weather-proof clay to create sculptures for your own garden. Thanks again Jonni! for your amazing advice and support – just cannot thank you enough. 🙂

Mixing the Crete Chae Clay with a drill.
Mixing the Crete Chae Clay with a drill.
My Dragonfly - Public Installation
My Dragonfly – Public Installation

>The book is now available on Amazon!

10 thoughts on “My Book including my cement outdoor clay recipe is published !”

  1. Getting ready to order but had a question. I have just started playing with cement mache recipes and want to explore this further. I don’t make large projects, will I be able to easily scale down your recipe?

  2. So excited to receive this in my mailbox!! I want to thank you and Jonni Good for your diligence in discovery and sharing it with all of us!! I have forwarded many an artist to Jonni’s recipe/books and expect to do the same for your book. Kudo’s for your gumption!

  3. Lee, your work is stunning! I have done two cement sculptures outside but I used a special cement with some plastic in it that I purchased from Lowe’s. It has been years ago since I did them but your work and book make me want to revisit working on outdoor projects. You are an inspiration. Thank you for your work and book.

  4. Lee, I’ve just started reading your book, but I can see from the detail you include along with your outdoor cement recipe and the instructions for mixing it that this is a wonderful addition to my how-to library! With all your experience with this sculpting method, we can feel confident that any sculpture we make with it, following your instructions, will last for a very long time. I’m already trying to think of a large sculpture that I can make for my own yard – and I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of your book! I probably should have waited to write this when I’d read the whole thing, but I just could wait to let you know how much it impressed me – thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us! 🙂

  5. I just cannot Thank You enough Jonni !!!!!!!!!!!
    Just so excited I am about to pop with energy. Paperback is up live now too. I have so many projects and ideas racing in my head , just can’t wait to get up everyday and into studio . I can barely go to sleep. A kid at christmas does not begin to describe my happiness . Your support has been AWESOME ! I hope you love it and I hope it gives you great ideas and info for your wonderful work and website. Stumbling on your page five years ago has literally changed my life. Big Hug ! Lee


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