Leaping Sculpture (A Fish That Isn’t)

Made by Gordon Parnell

Leaping is 21 inches long, and appears to be leaping or surfing atop a wave. I love that the leaping figure appears to be unbalanced.

Many years ago i created a sculpture from washed up bits i found on the beach–a rib for a tail, a vertebra for the body and a broken snail shell for the head, all sitting atop a pelican humerus.

When i first started doing paper mache (and looking for inspiration) this was the first sculpture that i tried re-creating. the first four leaping sculptures i made were all over six feet long–not knowing any better.

Only this year have i begun making smaller (more practical) sized sculptures, but still using basically the exact same techniques i developed in creating my larger sculptures.

I encourage everyone take full advantage of this website, it has so many excellent ideas and tutorials. Well done, Jonni. your efforts improve with each passing year, just like you!

There’s nothing cheaper and more flexible than paper mache to discover the artist within.

Cheers, Gordon
p.s. i also have a few videos (of my large sculptures) on my youtube channel: Escher C Shells
AND my wordpress site has a full description of how i build (everything) including a horse head.

leaping fish sculpture 1

Rib On Wings Con Caracol Eyes--(H: 17", W: 13", D: 8")
Rib On Wings Con Caracol Eyes–(H: 17″, W: 13″, D: 8″)

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