Large Hunchback Whale Sculpture on Stand

Made by D. Bakeri

During the summer I tried paper mâché and sculpting for the first time. For this hunchback whale, the pattern was first made of cardboard. It was then filled with newspaper and tape. The cover the armature, I used a simple paperclay made of brown paper, glue and flour. To achieve a smoother surface, I put a few layers of joint compound. I then stabilized the joint compound with a layer with PVA glue since joint compound is a porous material and DAS air dry clay won’t adhere well to it. The details on the face were made from clay with a little bit of joint compound on edges to make a seamless transition with between the materials. The rest is just painting and varnishing. The stand was made from wood. The sculpture is one meter long.

paper mache humpback whale, in progress
Humback whale armature.
large humpback whale made with paper mache
humback whale before and after painting

7 thoughts on “Large Hunchback Whale Sculpture on Stand”

  1. Thank you for showing us this beautiful creature. I like that you put the cardboard around the body to keep the shape where you want it. Great idea.


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