10 thoughts on “Lambs”

    • Thanks, Susan. I’m surprised by how much fun I have looking at them through my front room window. They are always on the lookout.

      I was looking at your critters the other day, fondly! What a great place you live in.

  1. Sweet little lambs Rex! Just in time for lambing season. Of course you are giving one away….would you have it any other way? I like their sweet little eyes.

    • Thanks, Eileen. They are the first project where I used glass eyes. The problem I had was the face was too flat when I glued on the eyes. Next I couldn’t build out the face because the eyes would get buried. I call them my “flat-faced lambs!” Hope you are doing well. (Physical therapy is helping with the concussion!)

      • Well it is good to try new techniques to see if you like them. Jonni has taught us so well in the painting of the eyes that at the art shows I often get asked if the eyes are glass….nope, just painted as my teacher taught me!
        Did you get another concussion or is this from years back?

  2. Thanks, Connie. They are a foot tall. The ears and legs are sort of fragile, so this trip around I added more clay.

    And tell LeRoy he is welcome to be friends, but he can’t chase them! lol

    Thanks, Jonni.

  3. These are really cute Rex! How tall are they? The ears are perfect with how they stick out from the head. I like these!! Great job!


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