kunekune pig

Made by Rex Winn

This little gal is for a wedding present next weekend. I love making Jonni’s kunekune pigs, and her book is a wonderful step-by-step production, not only detail instructions for projects but how to become an artist.

I haven’t finished with the couple yet, my main complaint is sending out a wedding notice two weeks before the wedding when I have to come up with something to make! How can one go wrong with a kunekune pig?

Paper Mache Kunekune pig

5 thoughts on “kunekune pig”

    • The first layer was Jonni’s clay; the second layer was the silky-smooth clay. I’ve made so many pigs I forgot about this one. I still have one that is among my favorite. Jonni’s instructions to paint the pink skin tones and cover it with a glaze worked very well.

      Thank you.

  1. Love this pig Rex. I have a picture on the wall that has “Sophia” jumping off of a small wooden deck into the pond. I like how you gave the one ear a spot of black at the top too. I might need to make me a pig now! Leroy and Jethro will not be impressed.

  2. Thanks, Eileen. It’s off to its home in two days. This one has chubbier cheeks; the last one has a skinny face. I don’t know who directs these things.

    Even though I swore I wasn’t doing pumpkins again, I find myself doing at least seven. Hope I can get them finished soon. Pressure? I don’t know. Good to hear from you.

  3. Hello my friend! Don’t you love it when you have such limited time to complete a project? Some people work best under pressure though so I guess it could work…..seems like it worked for you! It is a sweet little pig and I’m sure the couple will love it!


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