kune kune pig

Made by Rex Winn

A neighbor who has never been in my house came over with a Christmas card. When she saw my kune kune pig, she went crazy. Her son is eight, and she said he would love one. So, here it is! She doesn’t know yet.

Jonni hit some fantastic and popular projects for her book “make animal sculptures.” Everyone loves the pig. Mine is the last thing I would part with.

I certainly didn’t need to post three photos, but I hope they are fun to look at. I will give you the secret to making lopsided ears. Put your sculpture in the oven upside down without looking at what you’re doing, and there’s a good chance one of the ears will end up in the wire shelf! I hope this is a happy accident!

Paper mache Kune Kune pig2

Paper mache Kune Kune pig3

17 thoughts on “kune kune pig”

  1. Rex what a great job on this little piggy!!! Great paint job too. I remember my Grandpa had some with those same kind of little spots. Adorable!! Also, what a great surprise its going to be when you reveal you made one for your neighbor to give to her son!!! Very cool.

  2. Adorable pig Rex! I loved the story as well. I agree, do a tutorial on how you get things so smooth. Lots of people need to see the step by step in pictures to actually get it. Maybe take some progress pics of your current penguin that you are working on, it would be the same process.
    Cute pig.

  3. Thanks, Connie. Tell Leroy he would make a great playmate. (I can’t believe the eyes came out at all. I didn’t care and just made a diamond-shape where they went because they were small. I was surprised they looked halfway decent at the end.

  4. Love your pig Rex he/she is super cute. Must have a go at a pig, maybe after the squirrel is done. I have been looking at pics of a Tamworth pig as they come from my area back home and there is a great story about 2 Tamworth pigs who escaped on their way to the abattoir and went on the run. They were eventually captured and spent the rest of their days in a sanctuary. Anyway, love the paint and finish on yours.

    • Jonni shows how to make one in her book “make animal sculptures.” I use it so much the pages (well, a few of them) are held together with masking tape. That lesson is really great. I followed her instructions on painting, also.

      Thank you.

  5. SO cute!

    Rex, I’ve loved all your creations… would you be willing to share your best “secrets” to the smooth finish they end up with and the finishing topcoat you tend to use??


    • I follow the lesson in Jonni’s book on making the pig. The air dry clay came later in time, but I add a second coat of the air dry clay (on almost everything.) The regular clay you cannot wet your finger and mush the clay around. With the air dry clay, I wet my finger and smooth the clay. You can’t get the clay too wet, but it is more tolerant of water than the regular clay. I dip my finger in water and then wipe off a little on a rag. It doesn’t take long to learn. That is how I get the smooth top coat.

      I use the Americana DecoArt matte varnish. I think it is the best in the world. I have tried every varnish I could get my hands on for eight years. This one works really well for me. Bubbles are not a problem, and it dries quickly. I put three coats on (superstition, I think).

      Thanks. If that doesn’t answer your question, try again and I’ll do my best to answer.

  6. Those sneaky ears! He definitely has personality and I especially like his expression. Or her expression and personality! I like the form. And how you blended the colors…. and shaded around the spots too. And the eyes. And the feet. Okay fine… I love the pig!!!!


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