Made by Geraldine Robinson

I watched your video and decided to try making koala. Also have your book.

My second ever paper mache. A friend wanted me to make koala for Australia themed vacation bible school. I had your book and watched videos. At first said no didn’t think i could do it. It was a lot of work. Lots of masking tape and paper. I used fast mache instead of making my own. Love it. While wet made lines for hair. Took a lot of paint even though used gesso first. Maybe needed more gesso. Was wondering of could use canned spray paint for base color to cover more easily.

Paper mache koala

4 thoughts on “Koala”

  1. Great koala! I’m glad you got talked into doing it, because the kids are going to love him. I hope he’ll find a good home after vacation Bible school is over.

    And yes, you can use a spray primer, but just make sure it’s just primer. The kind that’s called ‘paint +primer’ will dry with a gloss finish, and your acrylic paint won’t stick to it as well. The Primer alone works really well, though. I use it all the time.


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