knight with flowers on his shield

Made by Zofia j.

Unfortunately the knight is leaning heavily and i had to weight him down just so he could stand. are there any ways to fix this? armor is a pain to paint but i love knights so its a small price to pay.

paper mache knight

paper mache knight by Zofia j.

4 thoughts on “knight with flowers on his shield”

  1. Great art work! It’s easy to see how hard it must have been to detail his armour. You know, I probably would extend his scene by creating a paper mache boulder to sit in front of him that would balance him out. I had created a top heavy chicken and its legs would not support him to keep him balanced. I ended up getting a wooden base and stapled the feet onto the board, put a piece of masking tape over the staple and added some paper mache to cover. I painted the base to look like a barn floor and glued popcorn on it to look like chicken feed. I just had to extend his scene.

  2. I would use a larger, heavier base. Looks like you could just glue the current one right on top of the new one. Great sculpture by the way. Very dynamic pose.

  3. Hi Zofia. What a great knight – thank you so much for showing it to us. I don’t have any suggestions for keeping him from leaning over, but I hope one of our other readers will have an idea for you. What did you use for the armature?


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