kitty cat helper

Made by Margaret Kennedy

I don’t have anything finished at the moment miss kitty bling paws has yet to be finished . I started a new sculpture. an urn but unfortunately this is what happens when you take your eyes off your pet .my little 14 months old cat sweetie pie decided she would try her paw at paper mache. hopefully with a little repair here and there we will finally have an urn to be proud of

4 thoughts on “kitty cat helper”

  1. You had me guessing for a minute!
    Having a cat mucking in our your paper mache project…well that can be a problem.
    Our fur babies are our friends but sometimes when we aren’t looking they can get into what we are doing!
    Thank you for the friendly reminder. My dog likes to sample my work?

  2. I’m so glad you explained what happened. I sat and looked and wondered what you had in mind. Then I read what you said. Sweetie Pie is an abstract thinker when it comes to art!

  3. Oh, that is hysterical! It is even funnier than my dog eating a small unfinished sculpture or a mouse taking off with some paper mache covered wires for another sculpture. I figure they were attracted to the flour of the paper mache paste! I thought cats had more class! Thanks for sharing…do show us the finished product.


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