Keiras fairy house

Made by Stephanie Nasshahn

My grand daughter is turning 8 on Monday. I started this project on January 16 and finished tonight. So much work but no issues thanks to paper mache clay 🙂 .

Paper mache fairy house by by Stephanie Nasshahn
Fairy house armature in progress.
Paper mache fairy house by by Stephanie Nasshahn
Paper mache clay being added to the fairy house.


9 thoughts on “Keiras fairy house”

  1. Lisa Anne, thank you so much, I am so honored! Please please please share your treasure when its complete!
    My granddaughter adored it, she said “I have no words” that made my heart explode.
    Good luck on your adventure

  2. My sister, turning 70, needs you! She wants a fairy house. Great work. Your grand daughter will have many adventures in her house. Thanks.

  3. Wow – what a creative adventure… She is sure to love this treasure!

    Thanks so much for sharing, too. I have an old dollhouse my father made for me, which has been languishing for decades in a too-hot and too-cold attic. While the inherent structure is sound, it needs a LOT of “something” to make it kid-worthy again, and I had no idea what to do. Thanks to your post, I’ll now take this thought up again. Who says it has to forever and always look like a “dollhouse”? Hmmmm……

    Thanks so much for sharing your creative work of love!


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