Just singing and purring in the rain.

Made by Jennifer Green

I have an appointment coming up at a gallery in 2 weeks for my work to be juries. I’m very excited and this guy is on that I think I will bring. He’s mache clay. Unique and quirky!
Thanks for taking a look!

Fun cat sculpture by  	Jennifer Green

4 thoughts on “Just singing and purring in the rain.”

  1. Hi Jennifer, not sure about the Juries not heard of it before! But if it is a competition- you should win hands down as your sculptures are original and fun! I Always have a smile on my face after seeing them!

    • Actually that should have said juried in. All the artists involved with the art gallery have to look at them and see if they are up to their standards. I don’t know what those would be but I thank you very much for your encouragement.
      Fingers crossed!


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