Just for Fun II Francie

Made by Pat Wilson

Funny colorful bird with foil body, head, cardboard tube neck and cardboard beak, epoxy clay legs, feet and eyes. Yes her topnotch are vegetable twist ties form the grocery store. It’s her tattoo. Funny little bird!

6 thoughts on “Just for Fun II Francie”

  1. We sure do need more silliness Jonni. I am doing a silly deer like guy now. I will post when done. If you look at Pinterest, they have lots of paper mâché silly animals if you search for paper mâché.

  2. Pat, Francie and Fredrico must looks great together. I hope you’re going to make some more of these ‘just for fun’ birds. Love the colors, the shapes, and the silliness. We all need more silliness in our lives, don’t we? 🙂


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