Judge or Monk ?

Made by John Ansell

His hood/wig I made with very fine glass fibre mat painted with water based resin to stiffen it up, then covered by paper mache mixed to a paste. I had a large tub of gold metallic paint that I toned down to look bronze.

6 thoughts on “Judge or Monk ?”

  1. I vote monk too! I’ve done the same thing with muslin fabric dipped in plaster of Paris. It worked well except that the wetness of the paper mache did soften the plaster of Paris. It still worked but the crisp lines became not as crisp.
    I love this guy!

  2. John, this is a really interesting sculpture – made even more so because of the question you asked. I vote for monk 🙂 .

    I’d like to know more about the material you used for the hood – where can we find water-based resin? I’ve used Aqua Resin before – is that what you’re referring to?


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