Jonni inspired Humpty

Made by Eileen

I am always looking for new projects for my paper mache class that won’t be too difficult as to frustrate but be challenging enough that the students are not bored. I remembered Jonni’s Humpty Dumpty and thought I would try it to see if it would fit the bill…and it did! I did it differently than Jonni did. She used a balloon and plaster cloth to get the oval egg shape. I just used crushed up newspaper and masking tape and then applied the smooth air dry clay. It is not perfectly smooth as an actual egg but it worked. I did need to apply several layers to some spots to get it mostly round. When I teach this, I will need to emphasize a good armature or there will be a lot of misshapen Humpty ‘s out there! Maybe they can represent after the fall! He still needs a glazing of raw umber and glazing liquid but I need to wait for the paint to fully cure.


3 thoughts on “Jonni inspired Humpty”

  1. It fit the bill, indeed. That is very cute. Some art pieces automatically send me back to a “what if” moment. Nice job, and I’m sure your students will have more fun than they know what to do with. It’s amazingly good for an egg-shape. Thank you for the spark of happiness!

  2. What a fun little character – your students will love this project. I’ve had mine in the kitchen for several years now, and it always makes me happy to see him.

    You’re smart to skip the balloon and use crumpled paper instead. Balloons make terrible armatures for paper mache – IMHO. I know some people get them to work, but your way is so much easier. :)


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