Jewelry dish holder

Made by Lupe Catts

I wanted to make a jewelry dish holder that would fit my decor fun and whimsical so I made this Frida-inspired piece. I used your paper clay recipe, I’m very pleased with the way she turned out.

11 thoughts on “Jewelry dish holder”

  1. Thank u i never stay within the lines. Lol. She was inspired by a little painting I did on wood ..I dont know if I could post her here for u to see, but anyway most of my women art is similar in technique.

  2. What a delightful surprise. I think you ought to go into business. (That’s what people say to me once in a while.) Beautifully crafted and painted. The little birds caught my eye, and how did you get that turquoise color to match the jewelry.

    Awesome, fun, and beautiful.

    • Thank u Rex, I do sell my work, as a matter of fact this piece is on her way to North Carolina. I have some lovely turquoise acrylic paints that I use alot, I guess i got lucky they matched my jewelry. ??

    • I kept thinking about this last night. I love the way the strands of hair whisp across her forehead. It doesn’t look like you have to stay within the lines!


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