Jenny dog

Made by Fiona McCauley

We have a Staffordshire bull terrier named Jenny (soon to be 13 years old) I wanted to try and capture her likeness (please be kind its my first attempt) I didn’t realize quite how much work goes into a cardboard armature / sculptures even before adding structure to shape and create caricature. I just had ideas popping into my head and literally ran with them, find large cardboard draw dog shape cut and stick together (Oh how we laugh now) I eventually found Jonni and her amazing sculptures and followed a few sound bites of advice: check picture, shape accordingly, use newspaper and masking tape, try my paper Mache clay recipe, oh and gesso oh how I loved making gesso to smooth over my heavy handed spreading of the clay, and yes no sanding needed. Jenny dog sculpture stands at 24inches to the top of her head and 21 inches from chest to her behind so this is a BIG creature. These last few weeks spent creating my piece have saved some of my sanity during our UK lockdown and I shall ever be know as the ‘crazy sticky makey do lady’ by my work colleagues. and will I make another sculpture you might ask, Yes most defiantly although on a slightly smaller scale xx much love to all you happy sculptures xx

Staffordshire bull terrier Sculpture

Staffordshire terrier Sculpture


4 thoughts on “Jenny dog”

  1. Fiona, your Jenny looks just like the Staffordshire terrier that my mother had, years ago. It was the best dog ever. I still have a photo of him squashed in a big chair between my daughter and my nephew when they were both about five years old. That dog couldn’t have been happier. Thanks for reminding me – and for showing us your great sculpture. 🙂


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