15 thoughts on “Jaguar cat wall sculpture”

  1. Wonderful piece! I almost expected it to be swishing its tail!!! Tgank you for sharing your talent, creativity and attention to detail!

  2. You always make “one of my favorite” sculptures! This is wonderful, and what a way to add beauty to your house. Fabulous.

  3. Bravo!!
    I have to move into wall-hanging sculpture also…do you have any tips (or pictures!) of what you’ve learned to make the back/supporting structure work best?
    Beautiful piece!

    • Thank you Lisa Anne, I use plywood approximately 3/4 inch thick for the base structure, this does add a significant amount of weight to the project. I have used thinner plywood in past and found it warped quite a bit. I will try to send a photo of my process.

  4. Susan, you never fail to impress us with your beautiful animals! Your jaguar is so lifelike, he’s making me a little nervous just looking at his photo. With so many sculptures in your house, do your visitors ask for a tour so they don’t miss any?


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