Jack Rabbit Sculpture by Annie

Made by Annie

This wall sculpture is the second sculpture I’ve made from Jonni’s patterns and it was so much fun! The little tiny pattern pieces on the jack rabbit pattern that made up this head were a lot more fiddly to work with than the pig head I made first, but well worth it in the end! Jonni’s instructions are generally very clear and the accompanying YouTube videos are essential.

The only thing I questioned was her instruction to cover the card stock in clear tape before cutting and piecing it all together (to prevent the paper mache paste from making it soggy), but then she recommends covering the completed form with masking tape as well, which made the clear tape seem ultimately unnecessary. I still followed her instructions though and did both tape types and it certainly didn’t hurt.

8 thoughts on “Jack Rabbit Sculpture by Annie”

  1. Hi Jonni that jackrabbit is so cute..
    I’ve used 1110 lb cardstock under my masking tape and have had no problems till my last project ( before I used your grams recipe) the paste was too watery, I forgot to paint it with acrylics first which is what I have been doing.. my hands were getting too sore cutting the cardboard..well the project did collapse a little from the wetness.. I did the figure again with grams recipe and painted with my heavy body acrylics first and it’s been fine…it does take longer tho… I have to find a better way to cut cardboard than with scissors or cutters, if I can find it I have a small electric jewelry band saw lol ..razor knives are too scary

    • I’m starting to have problems with my hands, but for some reason I only feel the arthritis on the days when I don’t cut cardboard. Weird!

      I have some heavy-duty scissors that do help, though. Have you tried these? And I think there’s a version of the Cricut machine that will cut both card stock and cereal box cardboard (light chipboard), but I don’t know anything about them. And you need a special kind of file to use them – I don’t think a jpg or pdf will work. I like the idea of using a band saw – I didn’t know they made really small ones! Be sure to wear a mask so you don’t get paper fibers in your lungs. 🙂

      • I just ordered them they look great…micro-mark is the name of the company, put in jewelry band saw in search.. they were cheaper 10 years ago $150 now.. I read somewhere someone was using a band saw to cut their cardboard…looked promising… I feel your pain with yr hands….yes thanks for reminder of mask, I dont do woodworking anymore because I can’t take the dust , that is why I’m obsessed with these papermache projects they are so cool to make . Thank you

  2. Hello! My name is Nic Walker and I loved the picture of the rabbit that you sculpted. I drew the image and I want to ask your permission to use the image on the gas tank of my motorcycle! I want to credit your artistry when I post pictures of the image that I have drawn that was inspired by your sculpture.

  3. Hi Annie. You did a fantastic job with your jack rabbit. I love the way you painted it. Thanks so much for letting us see how it came out.

    I may have been overly cautious with the two types of tape, but this is one of only four patterns that are printed directly on thin card stock, and I was really worried about warping. It’s possible that the masking tape alone would have been enough protection – but I figured it’s better to be safe than sorry. And I agree about the size of the pieces on this one. It’s the most difficult pattern I sell because of those small pieces around the nose. You managed to complete it beautifully, though!

    One of these days I might redesign this pattern using the methods that I use now – with bigger pieces, no tabs and heavier cardboard. Someday…. 🙂


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