Jack Rabbit Sculpture by Julie Richardson

Made by Julie Richardson

Hi well completed my jack rabbit! Enjoyed making this, it was my first attempt at paper mache and I think I now have the bug! I cut a back wooden plaque, stained it and French polished it and the grain just sets off the head. So I may well need more wall space. In the future Thanks for all the useful tips and links keep it going please.

Jackrabbit "faux trophy" sculpture

5 thoughts on “Jack Rabbit Sculpture by Julie Richardson”

  1. I just saw your deer and had to look up your name. The jack rabbit is gorgeous as well! You have such a painting talent and your sculptures are very nicely formed!!

  2. That is an amazing first project. My dog and I are fond of jack rabbits. I admire them on our morning walk and she chases them. A good coloring job and love the ears.


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