Italian crepe paper succulents

Made by Rose Jones

They take time to make but the perfect gift for someone that does not have a green thumb. I made them in different colors for the holiday season as well. My niece has now ordered them in a gold color and sage. She displayed them on her holiday table. Time consuming but fun. I put mine in vintage tins. They look like flowers.

5 thoughts on “Italian crepe paper succulents”

  1. They do look like succulents!! I can see how much work went into making them with all the detail. Great idea and nice job!!

    • Thank you Connie. They are time consuming but the end result is well with it. So many fun things you can do with the Italian Crepe paper. And so many beautiful colors!

    • Thank you Carol. They are fun to make and there are so many beautiful colors. I have enjoyed making all of them.


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