Patrick Seale

First a big thank you to Jonni for establishing this wonderful website. I am new here and a little background. Name is Patrick, have no formal art training, retired, live in a small apartment, have never done paper mache, but I believe I’m teachable……. LOL. Waiting for Jonni’s book “make animal sculptures with Paper Mache Clay” which is scheduled to arrive from the “big river” website tomorrow. Looking at the recipes and wondering about the room I have in my small kitchen I decide to order some Elmer’s Art Paste for starters and go from there. Exited to gather some starting supply’s and get underway. I can become like the one eyed dog in the butcher shop when I decide to get involved so try to restrain myself and get off the ground correctly.

In the mean time I’ll be checking out the wonderful information and tutorials that Jonni has provided on the website and getting acquitted with you all.

Really looking forward to being a part of this new discipline.

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  1. A very warm welcome to you Patrick. I am sure you will get hooked like the rest of us. Looking forward to seeing your first creation and as Rex said if you need any pointers then don’t hesitate to ask as I am sure someone on here will be able to help. We all use many different tricks and ways of doing things, some which may work for you and others may be not but whichever way, practice makes perfect as they say and there is no better starting point than Jonni. Happy mashing!

    • Hi Linda and thanks very much for you welcome.

      I tried to reply to Rex yesterday for his welcome but it seems to have disappeared into that nebulous and gray area of digital stuff.

      So, hopefully this reply will become visible. LOL

      • Hi Patrick. I can explain the disappearing comment issue – The first time someone comments on the site I have to approve the comments to make sure someone isn’t trying to sell a pharmaceutical product that we wouldn’t want to try to explain to our kids. I do have a program that deletes most of them automatically, but there’s always a slight chance that a bot will get through. I don’t monitor the site 24 hours a day, so it always takes a few hours for the first comments to get approved. After this, your comments will go through right away. So the cyber gremlins didn’t eat your reply to Rex. I was just being slow… 🙂

        • Jonni, thanks very much for setting me straight on the posting. I appreciate your patience with me while I learn my way around your grand website.

          Just returned from snow patrol and plan to try my hand at making a pattern as describe in your book for the pig.

          Tuesday will be my day to start laying in supplies so need to decide which of your recipes to start off with also.

  2. Thanks very much Rex. I spent some time this afternoon read through your tutorial concerning smoothing. It’s a keeper for sure. Appreciate you sharing your technique with everyone.

  3. Yes, Patrick. Welcome. If you have any questions, many people here can help. I live by Jonni’s book, and if you go through it, at the end you will be an artist and can make anything. I look forward to your exciting journey.

    Takes me back to many memories.

  4. Jonni’s “make animal sculptures” book did arrive this morning so have spent the last couple of hours reading. See I’m going to need an inexpensive hand mixer for making up one of Jonni’s PM clay recipes so will put on one order. Also, it was good to learn that there are ways of smoothing the PM clay without sanding which I absolutely don’t want to do living in an apartment and since I live in Wisconsin I don’t have the outdoors available as a work area until late spring…….. LOL

    So, after getting my starting tools and supplies together, I’ll begin working on projects. Looking forward to joining you all.


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