Inspired by your work

Made by Lummie Bergsma

Dear Jonni, although I’m not yet using paper mache but polymer clay instead, I let myself be inspired by people like yourself. Kind regards, Lummie Bergsma, Kollum, The Netherlands.

Polymer clay rooster

Polymer clay bird

Polymer clay piglet

9 thoughts on “Inspired by your work”

  1. Lummie, really nice. We had a horse with a star on its forehead, and that was a nice touch. I am partial to chickens, and this is amazing. That bird looks like it is going to take off in about a second. Thank you. Amazing sculptures.

    Have the ice skating races happened yet?

    • Hi Rex
      Thank you for your nice comment!!??
      Ice skating has begun in the skating hall and now a true winter did start, with day and night below 0 C, so I think skating will soon start. Though I doubt it will be as fun, because we’re in lockdown….
      Keep healthy


    • Hi Rex
      Sorry for responding so late; I thought I already did answer….
      Thank you for you nice words. This horse I made for a friend. He owns a breeding station in Friesland. Lateron I was honoured to make another one.
      And yes, the scatong races have been during wintertime. Always nice to see the men and women flying over the ice!

  2. I was waw-ed by that little pig. He’s just fantastic….for a pig it has real puppy-eyes that make you melt in an instant.

    • Thanks Isis,

      Thank you ??, he was one of the very first animals I’ve made (be doing this only since end of October 2020).
      It was sold in an instant, when I showed her on Facebook.
      Still, I feel there a lot to learn.

  3. All of your works are lovely! My favorite is the little pig and that glorious chicken! Nice job and thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Eileen,
      The piggy, I called Babe, is one of my favorites too.
      The chicken is a Brahma chicken, one of the biggest in the world as I’m told..

      Kind regards, Lummie


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