Inked, the Tattoo’d Octopus

Made by Maggie Lukasevich

After watching Jonni for a year, I was inspired to make this octopus for a local art show. I used the recipes for Jonni’s original paper mache and pm clay. I used pool noodles and wire for the arms, balloon for the head and 1/2 a styrofoam ball for each eye. Painted nautical sleeve tattoos on tracing paper then decoupaged them on the arms. Fun project!!! Oh! And won a 2nd place and the People’s Choice award-not bad for my first art show entry!!!

Octopus arms made with pool noodles

Paper mache octopus before painting

3 thoughts on “Inked, the Tattoo’d Octopus”

  1. That is an awesome sculpture. You ought to have won first place — just saying!

    I wanted to say I saw a documentary on an octopus that lived in a tank in a living room. (I was sad to learn they only live a year or so.) It was smart and would greet the family. The daughter swears it watched television with her. Having this would be next-best thing to have the real thing. Thanks.

    • Wow! Thanks Rex! I’m awed you liked it!
      Yes! They are highly intelligent and are proven to have a great capacity to remember people and events.
      I loved making it and would like to make more although being referred to as the “Octopus Lady” kind of creeped me out-lol!


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