Iggy Ibis

Made by Pat Wilson

This is an immature scarlet Ibis. When mature, the birds are all scarlet but I thought the immature coloring was more interesting. The body is chicken wire, the beak and feet are polymer clay. The wings and tail feathers are types of cardboard. The body is covered with paper strips. I can’t seem to stop making birds. Why not?

3 thoughts on “Iggy Ibis”

  1. I have had my best friend for three years now. Last summer he commented on how much I love birds. It was a revelation to me, but everywhere I turn in my house I have birds. I guess that’s why I absolutely love your bird, and why you keep making them. I like you did a baby, and love that it is standing on that rock. Great work.

  2. I love the colors!
    And – great job balancing him on those skinny ibis legs.
    I agree – birds are fun. There’s so much variety – the sky is the limit!


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